Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Fork in the Road

I recently received the news that SVA is not going to offer the Advanced Special Effects Make-Up class that I was hoping to enroll in. Unfortunately, they didn't get enough students interested to warrant offering the class. My one option is to enroll in the Basic class again and work off to the side with a few of the other folks that expressed interest.

That being said, I don't think I can quite afford the whole bundle and time commitment again. I think with some discipline I can take what I've learned and continue to experiment with what I've previously taught myself by using the money and time I would've invested in SVA into new tools and materials for my own projects. I've taken a few short tutorials at Compleat Sculptor before and I am considering it again. Pictured are the workshops I'm considering.

The tricky thing is that for all the artistry and methodical techniques I've encountered and continue to learn, it's all a bit of fun and games to me. I look at action figures and overpriced sculpted busts in toy stores and comic shops and can't help think, "I can make that." I've found myself pausing the carnage and sci-fi elements of all my DVDs lately to critique the craftsmanship. Basically, I'm saying, I'm just having fun with this, and I'm not entirely sure which way to take it. I'm note sure if I will ever be paid to do what I'm crafting, but I'm not sure if it's art either. I like to draw and paint and craft things from bits of trash I find. I like to cut things up and put them together again. This is just a classic case of good intentions coupled with manic energy meeting a lack of direction. I just hope it doesn't develop into regret and further frustration. I am realizing I need a new project to take me to the next plateau.

I recently unearthed a few story boards I did for a friend. He was crafting a short film about mobsters, hit men, and a zombie's revenge. Looking over them I realised I should revisit some of these. If not for the story that died on the vine, but maybe to help someone else with their vision; to offer what talent others think I have to birth their visions. Perhaps that is where I'll figure out what comes next.

I used pen, sharpie, and water color to craft the storyboards on heavy stock paper that's roughly 5" by 7". It's style was very fueled by Brian Azzarello's 100 Bullets drawn by Eduardo Risso. I'll post one storyboard now and use it as motivation to draw for other projects. I will continue to post more storyboards until you all have the entire series I did for the short.

Here he is; BOSS MAN.

He's definitely got a Paul Sorvino as a Teamster vibe. Maybe you think it's crap, but I have to hope it can only get better from here.

More to come.

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