Friday, February 19, 2010

Updates & Downbeats

The Walter Gropius Comics Workshop is quickly approaching, I actually fly out Thursday and have made arrangements to stay a couple extra days. I'm hoping to really bond with the artists over their work and creative drive. I just received an itinerary update with what to expect.

I am a bit perplexed by drawing out a one page comic. I've only recently started toying with storyboards for my own scripts, but I've never delved into a comic book style narrative. My drawing style doesn't necessarily lend itself to unique and interesting action, but perhaps that's just premature anxiety setting in. I'm hoping to learn a ew perspective on storytelling and presenting a visual story to an audience in a new way. I've been toying with the notion of submitting a piece to Covered, the blog that features comic book cover page reinterpretations from emerging artists. You should check it out, some stellar work. It seems like a reasonable goal and I am all about accomplishing reasonable goals these days.

I've been trying to get the video equipment and such for my entry to Indy Mogul, but I'm losing hope fast. I have a short funny script (in my opinion) but I'm severely tapped on funds with these travel plans already in place. Excuses are easy to come by, I'm just frantically looking for solutions like a lost kid in a department store looks for Mom.

My submission for Indy Mogul is based on two scenes, here's the first look at Scene #1.



The clatter of pots and pans is heard. The lunch rush is in full swing. With his back turned towards camera, a muscular black man, BLADE, the vampire slayer, steps into the chaos.

After the first film, war was
declared on Vampires.

Blade turns towards camera. He pulls off his sunglasses and puts them in his jacket pocket.

With the second film, we were
beginning to win the war against
the Bloodsuckers.

Blade removes his leather trench coat, revealing his muscular build in a wife beater. He tosses the coat to the side.

The third time around I had a bit
of help.

He grabs a short sleeved white oxford shirt and begins buttoning it up from the bottom.

The thing was there weren't that
many vampires around anymore. I
mean, we killed most of them in the
first movie.

Blade grabs an apron and turns around. He ties the apron behind his back with the force accustomed for garrote wire.

That's not so good when you're
vampire slayer. And now it's the
economy that sucks. So I had to
find a new job.

Blade grabs a pepper mill and spins around, bringing it down like a knife. He twists the cap and puts it in his apron. He adjusts his bow tie.

TITLE CREDITS: BLADE - VAMPIRE SLAYER. This job title is crossed out and is scribbled in with FOOD RUNNER.

Then CUT to Scene #2 and the hilarious conclusion and the bloody special effect I have planned. I think it's good, cheap, and shootable, just not sure about the rest. I've been writing alot more, and scripting up the ideas I've had tinkering in the head for a while now. It feels good to get them out, but I need to more actively pursue putting them into the right hands.

On an upbeat, a short film that I served as 1st Assistant Director and Producer on has been selected by the NewFilmMakers Film Festival to screen in June. You can check out set photos and behind the scenes by clicking here. I'm just trying to take the good with the bad as best as I can handle it all.

Here's another storyboard from the series I've promised to post, titled GUN. I really miss water colors. I forgot how fun it is to blend the colors, that's something I always have the hardest time with though I'm more aware of it. My trouble is I like to ink everything out first and then water color and then go back and lay more ink, which is ok, slightly over redundant, but ok. The big trouble is when I forget which inks and pens are water soluble and those that aren't.

I am also hosting another contest on my blog Z For Zombies, where you can enter to win a piece of originally fabricated artwork from yours truly. You gotta be in it to win it.

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