Saturday, October 10, 2009

Carl Paolino - Instructor Extraordinaire

So I wanted to include a little bit about my instructor for this class I'm taking. His name is Carl Paolino and you can find his website here. He not only does special effects make-up, but also fabricates props, costumes, and even animatronics and stop motion. Featured here is some of my choice pics from his work. All photos and work belong to Carl as does all the glory.

Head Mask of Hades from Disney's HERCULES ON ICE

Hanson vs. the Spice Girls from MTV's "CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH"

The N'Sync Marionette Puppet rig worn by Jimmy Fallon for the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards.

Antlers for FALL OUT BOY's "Sugar We're Goin' Down" - Video here

SKULL FACE from a Verizon advertisement

For a short film entitled DELIRIUM AND THE DOLLMAN

He wrote and directed a feature entitled THE SICKNESS. You can see the trailer here. Below is a sample pic of the effects featured that I hope to learn.

What spurred this post, was an email sent to the class with a link to his latest commercial that you may have already seen.

He fabricated latex appliances and face paint to create the look of singing pepperoni.

I'm eager to soak up what I can and learn the tips and tricks I need to not only make it in this profession, but to thrive and deliver consistently quality work.

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  1. Cool stuff. I can't wait to learn about your learning. :)