Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tom Savini - The Original Sex Machine


*REUNITED* Fangoria Weekend of Horror - 2009 - NYC

Tom Savini is a household name in horror. His effects and acting have graced the original DAWN OF THE DEAD, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, CREEPSHOW, THE BURNING, the original FRIDAY THE 13TH, and many other cult classics of horror.

Many identify him as the Godfather of Gore, helping visualize and conceptualize many of the 70s horror films that scared, scarred, and inspired a generation through their ingenuity and practicality. To work under budget and endure grueling time constraints is a staple of any film set, but to do so and deliver a superior product that can stand the test of time is a benchmark of a true craftsman.

You can find out more about Tom Savini's School of Make-Up Effects here and see a bit of what they have to offer here.

Here are a few memorable performances of Tom's, as the production of his latest endeavor MACHETE nears completion with Robert Rodriguez.



I had the distinct pleasure of working with Tom Savini in the indie horror film SEA OF DUST, alongside veteran Scream Queen Ingrid Pitt, and Stuart "Multiple Miggs" Rudin. This was just as LAND OF THE DEAD was in post production. A constant professional, he was a joy to work with. Special Effects Artist Josh Turi did an amazing job, especially with the long hours and limited resources of shooting in such secluded locations. You can find more information at the film's website here.

Prestor John - SEA OF DUST

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