Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Halloween that sadly didn't happen.

So a while back a friend contacted me about dressing as JFK and Jackie O. post-assassination for Halloween. They were looking for some gory effects to gross out their friends, but that wouldn't wreck their vintage threads. This was 11 days before the big day.

When she heard about the classes I was taking she thought she'd ask me for some costume advice with her husband. I detailed several low cost tips and techniques to produce the effect that I thought they were going for and where they would be able to obtain it all.

Unfortunately, their efforts didn't produce a blood splattered couple of epic proportions like I was hoping. They ultimately abandoned the idea due to lack of supplies and timing. But there's always next year!

What follows is a FaceBook conversation that details all the necessary steps to successfully produce the effect yourself, in theory. I think it also plays well if you put it into the hypothetical perspective of her being a Producer and Halloween being a movie, and what I can provide in a limited time frame with a limited budget. Same process, but should you expect the same results? If anyone feels up to utilizing this advice, I would love to post pictures of your results.

Here's the question that sparked it all...

Anyway, I hope this helps and maybe inspires someone to try it themselves.

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