Thursday, November 17, 2011

Looking Underneath the Surface - Mask Collecting

Right before Halloween I got into a bit of a mask buying kick, hoping to use each piece for photos, future projects and inspiration for my own endeavors. It's also quite an interesting hobby to begin, though quite pricey and in my opinion well worth it. I think I'll probably stick to making my own masks, but I wanted to share some my collection with you. 

You can find many on the Internet, I recommend eBay & for some cheaper prices than the random ass Halloween stores that pop up in abandoned strip malls come October. And if you give the proper care, handling and storage to your masks, they will last longer than you think.

Here's FISH FOOD from Trick or Treat Studios. Basically it's a drowned/washed up Zombie. It's got quite a bit of detail with hair and ragged cloth/netting to add to the layers. It has a neck piece that extends to the clavicles.

Be sure to check out their other masks and goodies.

This is actually one of the first masks I've ever owned. It was only years later that I learned it was a Don Post Studios creation. It's a perfect 3/4's mask and still looks just as good as I first bought it over 15 years ago.

I started getting into various gas masks. The key thing for me was that they all had to be functional.  Here is a Russian gas mask with hose and canister filter.

Zagone Studios produced "Schell Shocked". It's detail and paint job is amazing and multi-layered, though it is quite difficult to see through the eyes. A small price to pay for looking so bad ass.

Here this is part Troll/part Alien from Ghoulish Productions. Along with the warts on the mask is small strands of hair that really add to the detail of the piece. My favorite bit are the eyes that really add a severe sense of creepiness and the neck piece continues downward to continue the illusion.

Here's another Don Post creation. You can see the commitment to detail and how their designs have evolved. I particularly enjoy the clear plastic dome that holds in the brain. It's creepy without being too gory. I love the slight evolution to the look of this Frankenstein's Monster.

Here's a NATO Surplus gas mask with hosing. It's quite old school and even came with with the canvas bag too to hold the hosing and filter canisters.

Here's a Soviet Army gas mask.

And one of my favorites is this one. It comes with a hose and filter too and offers the best line of sight. I like to know now that I'm perfectly prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse.

If you're looking for more information on different studios and mask makers, check out these articles from The Blood Sprayer:

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And to give you something to look forward to, here's an announcement of the Hudson Horror Show in Poughkeepsie, NY.

The question now is; Who wants to take me? I'll bring my masks...

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